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About Us

Smartscholars General trading LLC, Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Smartscholars is a premium supplier in the healthcare industry with focus on combat against pandemics. Smartscholars takes lead in positioning itself in the healthcare industry, through careful selection and vetting of suppliers, dedication to ensure that we deliver to our clients: quality products at competitive prices, while meeting delivery schedules.

Smartscholars is committed to supply a variety of products to cater customers' needs. We have expanded our capabilities and product range to integrate the supply of all related items, to a worldwide developing marketplace.

Safety First

We serve everyone from small, medium to large corporations, private or public sector, including government entities. We offer outstanding products, system solutions and services.

We supply a comprehensive range of safety products which includes respiratory equipment and masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), coronavirus testing, UV-C disinfection technology, smart disinfection gates, quarantine surveillance bracelets, thermal cameras and recognition hardware. We also provide technical and customer support; whereby skilled professionals will consult with your business the implementation and management depending on your company needs.

With a reputation for high quality protective products, pioneering technology and valuable assistance; we pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations.


Serving the UAE and ensuring the safety of its residents and citizens through the adequate delivery of our products, followed by exporting our unique products in the key markets globally, always pursuing the highest quality service levels, whilst being socially and environmentally conscious.

We continue to grow and learn to develop solutions, have a proactive approach towards innovation, while ensuring a cost effective and sustainable approach in our field.


We, at Smart Scholars, believe that only through innovation can the world progress. Therefore, we aim to satisfy societal needs by supplying unique and innovative products.


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